As part of its legal advisory mission to a municipality in France, a law firm asks ESTER to perform a quantitative and financial analysis of structured loans contracted by the municipality from a bank.
Challenges associated with the mission
  • Quickly understanding customer issues
  • In-depth analysis of the risks related to these issues
  • Proposing the most suitable solutions
  • Sharing of works and documentation
Distinguishing features
  • Quick understanding of the issues at stake
  • Deep understanding of financial risks
  • Ability to explain technical findings comprehensibly to a non-technical audience
What our clients say about us

Member of the Executive Committee Bank

We have been calling on ESTER's consultants to assist us in carrying out strategic projects for the Front office Department. The consultants assist our teams of operators on a regular basis to help them carry out complex projects.Thanks to ESTER consultants, who are very experienced in financial markets, our teams have been able to achieve their objectives in a timely manner while significantly increasing the scope of their projects. This mode of assistance has proven its effectiveness and we wish to continue our partnership with the ESTER which gives us an independent and very precise vision on financial market issues.


Law firm

Our law firm specialises in technical and complex financial litigation. To enable us to deal with the legal and financial issues as efficiently as possible, and to provide our clients with legal strategies perfectly adapted to the financial challenges they face, we rely on the services of external consultants whose expertise is recognised. In the context of the restructuring of a complex financial product, we called on the technical expertise of ESTER. Following this successful experience, we recently asked them to assist us in a mission to analyse a very large portfolio of structured financial products for a local public institution. We once again appreciated the ability of ESTER’s consultants to communicate their expertise. Their analytical and explanatory skills have allowed us to better understand the true nature of the financial products and to provide even better support to our clients in analysing their portfolio and implementing strategies adapted to their specific situation.

Member of the Management Board


We selected ESTER for an assistance and scoping mission relating to the implementation of OTC derivatives clearing, the EMIR regulation. ESTER's business expertise was decisive in our choice of external service provider to support us. During this two-month mission, ESTER demonstrated great pragmatism and provided us with a clear, precise and documented vision of all the aspects that we wanted to address. The coordination with our project management and the management of the trading room was exemplary and we are very satisfied with the performance of ESTER which enabled us to quickly validate our target device.